Monday, March 28, 2011

What started out as "he'll just wave and say hello to you because they're holding the airport open for us" turned out to be much better last Tuesday in Peoria, IL.

Yanni was in town to kick off his 2011 Spring Tour. Following the show at the Civic Center Theater, his tour manager appeared at the stage door to make the above announcement. A few minutes later, Yanni appeared and came right over to me to pose for the photo. And, since I noticed he had a Sharpie in his hand, I knew he was ready to sign, and sign he did, placing a beautiful signature on a promo 8x10 shot. He proceeded to do the same for the rest of the fans waiting.

And, a special "shout out" to Gary Mertz, (Yanni) SUPER FAN!

A few days before, I got this photo one of the most influential musicians in jazz, Christian McBride following two sold-out shows at Jazz at the Bistro in St. Louis. It's probably the first photo with that the celebrity wasn't wearing shoes. He had his shoes in his bag as he left the club. He also signed an 8x10 for my collection.

Earlier that evening, actor/comedian Harland Williams presented his special brand of comedy at the Comedy, Etc. club in Fairview Heights, IL. It was a great show, A+! He met his fans following the show, taking photographs and signing autographs. Harland has a special affinity for raisin bread, cole slaw, and corned beef. You'll have to attend a show to see what I mean.

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